No Headphone Jack on iPhone 7

The IPhone 7 is now here. Some people love it, some people hate it. But, what most people will agree upon is that the missing headphone jack is a big problem.  Take a look at to learn more. Most people use their phone for multiple purposes, including listening to music, as a camera, to record video, to browse the internet, and for many other reasons. Without this jack, listening to music seems nearly impossible.

Of course, if you want the headphones, you can get them. But, they must be purchased directly from Apple. They’re very tiny so they’re very easy to lose, and as you probably imagine that can be thoroughly frustrating. Besides, after spending all of that money on the phone, wouldn’t you think you would be given a break on the price of the headphones too?

Why purchase those expensive headphones being sold by Apple (that you’re going to lose a week after you purchase them) when there are other options available to you? When you click the above link, you can learn some of those options. Although you may need to buy a converter, it is still much cheaper, as well as much simpler than buying the headphones made for the iPhone 7th.

Whether you love it or you hate it, the fact remains that the iPhone 7 has done away with the headphone jack and one’s ability to listen to music without the headphones, unless, of course you take advantage of one of the alternative options that are available to you. Don’t spend all that extra money on the new iPhone 7 headphones until you are well aware of those options.